About Bill

Actor, Writer, Director

Bill Johnson lives in Austin, Texas and began his training as a classical stage actor more than forty-five years ago and has performed in almost every conceivable venue, including creating roles in original theatre productions by noted playwrights Marty Martin, Jaston Williams, Terry Galloway, Tom White, Rod and Isabella Russell-Ides.

Bill’s film credits include Leatherface in "TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2,” Lucifer of Splatter’s Elite Guard in “FUTURE KILL,” with Edwin Neal (the Hitchhiker in original TCM), Big Caesar in “PARAMEDICS,” Oliver Stone’s Fan #1 in TALK RADIO” with Eric BogosianStranger #1 “FULL MOON IN BLUE WATER with Gene Hackman and Burgess Meredith, and Desk Sgt. Thunder in“D.O.A.” with Dennis Quaid.

Austin independent films “MIDNIGHT TACO” and "EVERYMAN" directed by Jonathan Demme’s protégé, David Boone (“ATTACK OF THE ALUMINUM PEOPLE”), and also Austin, filmmaker, written/directed by Mari Marchbanks “FALL TO GRACE” now available at NETFLIX.

Another Austin, Indie, JON, by William Instone, and Kill or be Killed by Duane Graves and Justin Meeks.

And from Dawson Springs, Kentucky, the Big Biting Pigs Productions, LUCID by Pj Woodside, The CARETAKERS by Steve Hudgins and co-starring with Joe Estevez.

Bill is also known too for Villain Voices for computer fantasy RPG epics as another cult icon, the voice of the notorious Guardian of the Black Gate in Origin Systems’ “ULTIMA” series.

Bill's writing adventuring is also exploring being a Lyricist, has two collaborations with Mary "Nurse Hatchet" Madcox: THE FAUST HAIKU and B.O.H.I.C.A.